Research Methodology

Discuss various methods of knowing. Also discuss why science is more trustworthy method of knowing.

There are four types of methods of knowing. They are:
a) Methods of tenacity: It is a method which considers something as true because they are considered true since time immemorial. It says that the knowledge is transferred from tradition or culture. Truth is true because one believes it even in front of contradicting evidence. This method follows the logic something is true because it has always been true. Its validity and and reliability is unquestionable and there is no chance of verification. 
 b)Methods of authority: This method says that truth is true because an authority says so. It believes on authority blindly. Do not question authority because what authority says is true. The emphasis is on the source, not on the methods the source may have used to gain the information.
 c) Methods of intuition: In this method, truth is true because it is logical.  It derives from reasoning but does not bear empirical support. A person assumes that something is true because it self-evident and stands to reasons. Follows what authority says but if it is false then questions the authority. It does not questions own authority but others.
 d) Methods of science: Methods of science is more reliable than others mentioned above.. There is less chance of errors. It approaches learning as a series of small steps. Scientific approaches are limited to domains where relevant ideas can be quantified and objectively observed.
 Science is more trustworthy method of knowing. It is systematic, objective, verifiable, cumulative, logical. It can be repeated again to confirm whether it is true or not. This method only accounts for solvable problems that have empirical solutions based on observable events. It undergoes various steps to find out the solution and it is systematic. It is verifiable also.

One thought on “Discuss various methods of knowing. Also discuss why science is more trustworthy method of knowing.

  1. It’s right and welcomed about all written but some books include ‘oracular devination’ as the fifth method of knowing. What do you see to this? This actually involves knowing things by undergoing some traditional or cultural process which may include fetish means.

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